Lafayette St. United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
May God open your spiritual ears and eyes to the grace all around us.
The Rev. Arthur Holland, Pastor

Pastor's Contact Numbers:
Church Office:     704-487-8333
  Parsonage:       704-406-9778
Cell phone:     336-225-5110
Susan Canipe, Director of Music
 Ann Ellis, Musician 
Russ Henkel, Administrative Assistant
                                           Ashley Tiess, Student Director                                                                                    
(In memory of our beloved friend, Kathy Hutchinson)

Lafayette Street United Methodist Church - 

Church Officers and committee members – 2018



Church Council

Chairperson of the Church Council – Larissa Coles                                 

Vice-Chairperson – Elected by the Council

Lay LeaderCarl Duncan

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference – Barbara Fitch

Reserve Delegate of the Annual Conference – Shelly Jones

Church Treasurer – Alan McWhirter

Chairperson of the Committee on Finance/Stewardship – Earl Culberstson

Chairperson of the Committee on Staff-Parish Relations – Chris Norman

Chairperson of the Board of Trustees – Elected by Board of Trustees

Chairperson of Parsonage – Elected by Committee

Chairperson Worship Committee – Elected by Committee

Representative from the Fellowship Committee – Tammy Duncan

Coordinators of Evangelism – Sheila Sisk , Annabel Davis

Family Ministries – Kim Browne, Shannon Floyd

Church School Superintendent – Earl Culbertson

Assistant Church School Superintendent – Roger Scruggs

Web Master – Janis Gaber (Church Secretary)

Representative from the Missions Team – Carl Duncan
Representative of United Methodist Women – Tammy Duncan

Representative of United Methodist Men – Roger Scruggs

Recording Secretary – Allyson Howell

Youth Representative

Children Representative – Betty Blosser

Student Coordinator
Higher Education CoordinatorLois Culbertson
Church Historian – Alice Byrd

Representative of Scouting – BettyBlosser

Director of Music – Susan Canipe

Members at large:

Arnold Jackson                       Bill Blosser                              Sherry Wallace

Bob Buchanon                                    Gary Wallace                          Pat Hamrick

Iverson Smith                          April Crotts                             Gene Shytle

Linda Shytle                           Charlotte Norman                   Martha Buchanon

Larissa Coles                           George Rogers                        Sarah McGinnis

C.M. Mode

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Chairperson:    Chris Norman

Chris Norman                                      Britt Hawkins                         Kim Brown

Shannon Floyd                                    Shirley Butler                          Arnold Jackson

Cody Allen                                         Bill Blosser                              Annabel Davis          

Delegate to Annual Conference – Barbara Fitch

Lay Leader – Carl Duncan


Worship Committee

Chairperson of Worship – To be elected from the committee

Lay LeaderCarl Duncan

Usher Coordinators – Nathan Rogers, Carl Duncan

Acolyte Coordinator – Wanda Rogers

Communion Stewards – Linda and Gene Shytle

Director of Chancel Choir – Susan Canipe

Director of Children’s Music – Shannon Floyd, Haley Rogers

Organist – Ann Ellis

Altar Guild – Linda Morrison Shytle, Allyson Howell, Pat Hamrick

Wedding Coordinator (Building Use) – Wanda Rogers
Pastor – Arthur Holland

Members at large:

Brenda Scruggs                                 Susan Melton                                     Shelly Jones

_________________                         Kim Brown                                         Shirley Butler


Finance Committee

Chair: Earl Culbertson           Secretary: Linda Shytle

Members at large:

Sherry Wallace                                    Roger Scruggs                                     Phillip Floyd

Sidney Blanton                                   Scott Wright                                       Linda Shytle

                                                            Earl Culbertson          

By Office:

Pastor                                                                                                              Arthur Holland

Lay Member of Annual Conference                                                               Barbara Fitch

Chairperson of the Church Council                                                                Larissa Coles

Lay Leader                                                                                                      Carl Duncan

Church Treasurer                                                                                             Alan McWhirter

Chairperson of Stewardship                                                                           Barbara Fitch

Representative of the Trustees                                                                        Robert Yarboro

Chairperson of the Committee on Staff-Parish                                              Chris Norman

Superintendent of Sunday School                                                                  Earl Culbertson


Nominations Committee

Chairperson: Pastor

Lay Leader: Carl Duncan

Members at large:

Roger Scruggs                                     Linda Shytle                                                   (Shelly Jones)

Betty Blosser                                                 Sherry Hawkins                                 (Judy Allen)


Chairperson: Jody Blanton   (Elected in January 2018)

Vice Chairperson: Robert Yarboro (Elected in January 2018)

Secretary: Linda Shytle (Elected on January 17, 2018)

Members at large:

Pat Hamrick                                        David Melton                                      Carl Duncan

Alice Byrd                                          Barbara Fitch                                     Scott Wright

Steve Brown                                       Robert Yarboro                                   Jody Blanton

Linda Shytle                                       Gary Wallace 

Parsonage Committee
Chairperson: ___________(To be elected by committee)
Ex-officio:      Arthur Holland, Denna Holland
Representative of Trustees: Carl Duncan

Members at large:

Sherry Hawkins                                  Brenda Scruggs                                   Barbara Fitch

Scott Hamrick                                     Betty Jackson                                     Diane Kelly


Missions Team

Chairperson – Carl Duncan
Representative of UMW – Tammy Duncan
Representative of UMM – Steve Browne

Pastor (ex officio) – Arthur Holland

Public Schools Project Coordinator (Shoe Ministry) – Betty Blosser

Other Members – Earl Culbertson, Bill Blosser, Gary Leigh, Mike Stair


Fellowship Team


Coordinator- Tammy Duncan

Wednesday Night Team Coordinator – Tammy Duncan

Special Meals Team Coordinator – Allyson Howell


Blanton Scholarship Committee

[Note: membership to this committee is secured by the Nominations Committee.]

Lay LeaderCarl Duncan

Representative of the Blanton Family – Libby Humphries

Financial Consultant - Mac McCuen

At-Large Member – Barbara Fitch

Pastor – Arthur Holland

Coordinator of Higher Education/Campus MinistriesLois Culberston


Bob Hamrick Scholarship Committee

[Note: membership to this committee is secured by the BH Scholarship Committee.]

Rick Howell                                        Earl Culbertson                                   Linda Shytle

Roger Scruggs                                     Kevin Jones                                         Mac McCuen

Arthur Holland


Family Ministries Committee (All new in 2014)

Steve and Kim Browne                      Shannon and Phil Floyd                     Denna Holland

Bill & Betty Blosser                            Jody Collins (2015) 


Student Council  

Haley Rogers                                      Shannon Floyd                                    April Crotts

Joyce Fortenbury                                Tammy Duncan                                   Larissa Coles            

Natalie Conner                                    Alice Byrd                                          Jill Bagby                   

Barbara Fitch                                      Annabel Davis                                   Ellen Jones

Shelly Jones                                       Brenda Scruggs                                 Miranda Byrd?? Deborah Page?

Betty Blosser    (Representative to Public Schools and Church Council)



Note: Boldface means they are new to this position.